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The 'ride' begins in 1996...

Tim Wild and Tim Watson, who played in Melbourne cover bands Captain Spalding and Hollywood Zoo at night to supplement their day-job incomes, were put together by Pete Dacy, who also played guitar for Captain Spalding for a while and later became one of Taxiride's managers. They auditioned for another singer named Jason Singh, who was with heavy rock band Vasoline at the time. Jimmy Christo was a founding member of the fledgling band, Taxé, for well over three years but he preferred to make pop music, so he left to pursue a solo career soon after (however, his vocals can be heard on Runningaway and Rocketship). Jimmy released his first single in 2000, Somebody Like You, which was featured on the The Wog Boy's soundtrack.


Captain Spalding (photo from previous CS site), Jimmy Christo, early shot of Taxiride (1999)
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