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Creepin' Up Slowly
wowed the masses in June 2002 and provided a summer-like vibe for a chilly winter. It debuted at the number 8 spot on the ARIA Charts and has since achieved Platinum status (over 70,000 copies). Creepin' also landed the 30th position in the Australian Top 100 singles of 2002. Garage Mahal was released on Aug 5, and debuted the following week at number 5. It has recently achieved Platinum sales and was the 50th highest selling album of ARIA's Top 100 for 2002. Taxiride's second single, How I Got This Way, was released on Sep 23 and debuted at # 33. The band also signed a lucrative deal with Jetset Travel, which saw Get Set featured in their latest advertising campaign. Taxiride also toured Japan and played to thousands of people during Australia's largest pop festival, Rumba!.

Creepin' Up Slowly (2002), How I Got This Way (2002), Garage Mahal (2002), Rumba! (2002), Taxiride are now 5 (2002)
Taxiride kicked off 2003 with the Summer Stampede Tour, which coincided with the release of their third single, Afterglow. They're heading overseas for six short trips this year - the first occured in March and returned for a follow-up tour around the major European cities in April. Taxiride will tour around all Australian states in the near future to support the release of their fourth single Saffron.
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