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World's Away is an unofficial Taxiride fansite - the OFFICIAL Taxiride site is here. I am not associated with the band, their Management or Warner Music Australia.

All photographs are © K8M 1999-2003 unless otherwise stated. Under copyright laws, personal photographs should not be displayed on other websites without first seeking permission from respective owners. I will not hesitate to ask you to remove photos or graphics used without permission, so best to do the right thing and ask first. I am happy to provide them to you once I know where they are and in what capacity they are being used. Audio/visual material from commercial sources is used without permission however I have tried to acknowledge the sources of material wherever possible. The name and audio sample of WORLD'S AWAY is © TAXIRIDE 2002.

World's Away is best viewed using Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7 - preferably the former; appearance may be dramatically different than intended when using browsers pre-IE4 or above. Macromedia Flash and Windows Media Player plugins are required to experience some elements of this website; they are freely available for download via the links provided. The site came into being via Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks MX.

These are some of the looks World's Away has had since it's birth in June 2002!

World's Away was created by K8M Web Design (ABN 69 876 612 877). Please email me at if you like what you see and want something just as groovy for your web-dwelling :-)



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