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Track Listing
Can You Feel -:- Everywhere You Go -:- 72 Hour Daze -:- Rocketship -:- Let Me Die Young -:- Rachael -:- Ice Cream -:- Let's Spend the Night -:- Nothing In This World -:- Counting Down the Days -:- Back Again

Australian Bonus
Helplessly Hoping from the A Walk on the Moon soundtrack, plus an interactive component featuring the Get Set and Everywhere You Go videos. The American release has a different version of Everywhere You Go.


Track Listing
Afterglow -:- How I Got This Way -:- Creepin' Up Slowly -:- Forest for the Trees -:- Afraid to Fly -:- Saffron -:- This Time -:- Enemy -:- Skin -:- Happiness Without You -:- Stronger -:- Wait -:- Madrigal

Japan Bonus
World's Away and Happy. Also contains an interactive component with the Creepin' Up Slowly video, pictures, wallpaper, screen saver, and biography.

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