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What are some of the stories and inspirations behind Taxiride's lyrics? Find out below!

Can You Feel
Tim Wild based these lyrics on the contents of a letter he found written by his grandfather to his grandmother during the second world war - he was fighting in Borneo at the time and wrote to tell her how much he missed her.

Get Set
Get Set was written by Tim Wild, just before heading over to the US to record Imaginate in October 1998. It's a tongue-in-cheek statement - "Get set America, we're coming over for a spot of world domination!" Despite a positive outlook they weren't sure what was going to happen, hence the line, " nowhere but I will be there".

Everywhere You Go
Rumoured to be about fans or groupies who travel around the country to see Taxiride... I think it was just written as a fun thing but if you can remember the real deal, email me!

72 Hour Daze
Jase wrote these lyrics on a McDonald's serviette; it's about a drug-induced 'trip' he experienced a few years back which lasted for three days... or 72 hours...when he was going through some nasty stuff.

Let Me Die Young
An emotively powerful set of lyrics written by Jase with a little help from Tim Wild. He poured his heart out to the band about his father's sudden passing, and came up with these heartfelt lyrics in a comparative jiffy.

According to Tim Wild, Rachael is the name of a girl Watto used to date.

Ice Cream
Well I ain't going into the literal meaning of these lyrics, but, to put it bluntly, it's all about sex!

"It's about a relationship that's forced apart by circumstance, not a lack of feeling", says Jason. "But its also about someone leaving and then trying to force their way back into that life".

How I Got This Way
These lyrics describe an encounter Jason had with his mother; she basically told him to stop his self-destructive behaviour and pull your head in.

Creepin' Up Slowly
It's a feel-good song about not letting things stress you out. My mother (who's a shrink) thinks there's more to it than that, but I won't go into it here ;-)

Forest for the Trees
Jase wrote these lyrics about his sister's previous relationship. She apparently brought a 'total loser' to the Singh Family Christmas BBQ and was with him for some time until she saw the trees for the forest so to speak. She's in a happy relationship now and has just given birth to her first child.

Afraid to Fly
This song was written about a friend who was afraid to take a chance, so it's all about letting go of the things that are holding you back from moving foward and seeing what happens.

There were rumours in the past that this song was about an ex-member of Taxiride, but it isn't really. I think it's a reflection on playing the fame-game and living life in the fast lane (or cross-dressing Indians?! I think I'll need to clarify this one!).

This song was written about a 'beautiful girl' (i.e., Jase's girlfriend).

These lyrics are about getting shafted by someone you trust.....

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