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This is a call out to all Taxiride fans!!! We're looking for people who are interested in joining a new Street Team to help promote Taxiride. What you'll need to do is visit our Street Team site --- and leave us your email address so we can contact you with an email containing some questions regarding your location and availability.

At this point we're only accepting a limited number of Street Teamers, so don't feel too disappointed if you're left out, it just may mean that we've got too many people in your area who've already joined up. We do eventually want to increase street team membership, but during this trial period we want to keep the numbers down. This also means that we are only accepting Australian participants, but again we hope to widen street team efforts to include international fans in the future.

May 23 is the closing date to let us know if you're interested, so get in early.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

A-Team Admin

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