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<START 20 JUNE 02>

Unfortunately the time has come for World's Away to cease being updated. It's not a pleasant decision to make, however I feel it's necessary after something not so pleasant which happened recently (you can see for yourself here plus my expanded explanation here). I've decided to rid my life of this additional, unecessary stress and go back to what Taxiride should be all about - the music.

World's Away will stay online in the meantime, however it will not be updated or added to (eg. videos or photos) on a permanent basis.

I'd like to say a massive thank you for any contributions - it made WA the biggest and best Taxiride fansite in cyberspace. I'd also like to thank Taxiride for their support and contributions... more than I could have ever expected actually. Finally, thank you to the people who have sincerely expressed their 'condolences', and for understanding as to why the decision was made.

</END 25 JULY 03>