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1996 - 1998

One of the founding members of Taxé, Jimmy Christo wrote and recorded songs for three years with the band until he decided to pursue a solo career focussing on pop music:

I wanted to do my own thing; I was more of a pop guy whereas the band at that particular time was focusing on a rock/grunge sound. So I thought I had to go my own way, which was a very difficult decision to make but I'm very happy with how everything has turned out.

Jimmy's debut single called 'Somebody Like You' was released in 2000 and appeared on the soundtrack for the Aussie film, The Wog Boy. His second single, 'Rainbow Eyes' featured Tim Wild on sitar, however he's been fairly quiet since...


1998 - 2000

Dan Hall replaced Jimmy Christo in 1998. At the time of discovery, Dan was busking at Camberwell Markets in Melbourne where he was spotted by Tim Wild who was on the lookout for talent. Tim saw Dan's potential as a young Jeff Buckley shining through and asked him to jam with Taxé. The rest is proverbial history.

Dan wasn't all that happy to be in the spotlight, so he decided to leave Taxiride just before their European Tour supporting Tina Turner in 2000. Management quoted ill health as his reason for leaving, however Dan later told Rolling Stone magazine that:

I was overworked, stressed out, and I'd had a gutful.

Dan is currently performing as a solo artist around Melbourne so check local gig guides for details. He has recorded new material - his first single is due for release in June with an album to follow around August.

Here's an exclusive sample of one of Dan's new songs called TIME - you'll need Windows Media Player to listen. Low Quality is for 56K or less modems and High Quality for faster connections, or for the more patient amongst us who are willing to wait for near-stereo sound!

Special Thanks to Dan for allowing me to use a sample, and Caz for providing it! :-)



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