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Over at the A-Team, some members have been trying to decide which songs should be in the 'ultimate Taxiride setlist' (usually 18 songs). The poll contains the most likely candidates as well as some classics thrown in for old time's sake. The more you vote for a song, the greater the chance it has of making it into the ultimate setlist. Start voting so we can pass it onto the band before the mid-year tour!!

NB: Because of certain restrictions, I can only have 10 options per poll. I haven't included the more popular songs which were released as singles or are always going to be played (Get Set, Everywhere You Go, Creepin' Up Slowly, Can You Feel/Madrigal, How I Got This Way, Saffron & Afterglow) to make room for other options. We need the top 10 of these songs:


ULTIMATE SETLIST UPDATE (March) - So far we've got (in order) Stronger, Rocketship, Ice Cream, Enemy, World's Away, 72 Hour Daze, Wait, Nothing In This World, Happiness Without You and Nevermind in addition to the songs named above. Keep your votes coming in!




Here's a new poll which I thought would be an interesting topic, since Taxiride had planned on establishing a Fan Club three and a half years ago but it never came to fruition! Woops! This is just a 'food for thought' question.

Oh, and once you vote, a new window will open where you can write a comment - if there's something you'd like to receive as a fanclub member, here's your chance to vent your wishlist!


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