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The first of the NSW Summer Stampede Tour. We arrived there fairly early so I could make sure a few things were going to happen, particularly Jase's infamous pole dance - an essential for any band who performs at the Eastwood and something he's done during previous tours. We waited outside after fulfilling that mission and met a new crew member named Dan, who reminds me of a close friend from Uni, so that made the time which normally drags go comparatively quickly. We had a bit of an issue with getting the camera in, but we managed to sneak past without being pulled up. The first act on stage, Sneak, blew me away. I really liked their CD, Still Life Moving, but I was absolutely shattered to think that I was falling for yet another band in a big way (because that means making more websites and more time away at gigs.... I'm trying to keep a lid on it though... really I am). Charlton Hill followed before we were dazzled by Cam's latest creation, which was a swirling Taxiride logo on a white backdrop. Very cool. Poor Andy had a few bass problems, so it was kinda weird hearing Forest without that driving bassline. It was all good after a spot of frantic tuning, then Jase pulled his nosering out with his sweatband... don't think the band was having a good one!

Set Forest for the Trees, Enemy, Everywhere You Go, Afraid to Fly, How I Got This Way, Skin, Saffron, Rocketship, Helplessly Hoping, Madrigal, Can You Feel, This Time, Get Set, Afterglow, Stronger, Creepin' Up Slowly, Nevermind, Wait.


# Hmm, clinking VB's with Jase during the gig. I don't normally drink beer, but it was so hot in there that when it was offered to me by Sneak, I couldn't refuse. Jase's cigarette, I could!
# Having an honorary member of the Sydney crew, who added some colour to the front row, albeit temporarily :-)
# Never Mind. It will have to do since World's Away's gotten the boot again. Seriously, I was blown away by Jase's performance in that one, despite the fact that I hate him ;-P
# Stronger. To see the buzz that this song created for one of the Crew members was priceless. It made her night year!

Rating: * * * *. Pole dancing would've been an automatic 5!




I love the northern beaches...shame about the MVH though! No ventilation whatsoever, and I knew as soon as we walked in that we would be roastin'. We went outside to stock up on fresh air and had a big girly chat. We were eventually joined by Dan who pinched a guitar for a cozy little singalong. It was so much fun that it was a shame the doors had to open. The sets of all bands was so much tighter, and so was the atmosphere... a breeding ground for fainting! We took advantage of any air which came our way, but Tim was the lucky one with a little fan just near him. It was so hot that Jase even asked if the heaters were on. He eventually put on a Taxiride hat which he so graciously threw out to the crowd after sweatin' all over it :-\ We had a lot of laughs, so it was definitely up there on the fun list. In fact, it might even be a favourite!


# Being told exactly what I need again. OKAY, I GET THE HINT! :-P
# A crew member attempting to splash Jase with water, but ended up getting it all over my bag instead!
# Talking to Tim Wild after the gig, and one of the crew dropping a chuppa-chup on his shoe... woops!
# Forgot to mention in the Eastwood entry that we had our very own touring vehicle. Pepper (yes, she had a name!) was our Mirago, and she did a fab job of getting us around :-) There's a pic of her in the Eastwood entry.

Rating: * * * * .75... getting there...!




By far the most bizarre gig of the lot, for me anyway. I think it started when I got up early to tape the Musical Challenge. It was delayed because a train on my line had derailed, and at the time it was unlikely that there would be many survivors, especially in the front carriage (I usually sit in the first or second... never again!). I quickly called my family who are holidaying in Morocco at the mo' to let them know I was okay since they knew I was 'on tour'. It was only then that I realised if I'd've gone to the Newcastle gig the night before, there was a 99.9% I would have been on that very train. Talk about a reality check. Anyways, it kind of coloured the rest of my day and it seemed to be one thing after another. When we got to the venue, one the crew members was asked to remove her head scarf, then we were told we couldn't drink on the 'dancefloor', then we couldn't take photos... could we breathe? I'm sure that was coming. So I wasn't the happiest person on Earth, and I really was 'world's away' when Jase did his guitar thing which kicks of World's Away. Remember I said this song had gotten the boot this tour? Well it was back, and after being bashed on the arm to come back from wherever my head was, I looked up at Tim who had a smile on his face I'll never forget, then I looked at Jase who was also grinning and said, "We've had a request for this one" and pointed at little ol' moi. Turns out they were looking at each other then at me so they could see my reaction, but nah, I was somewhere else! Woops. I must've looked like a complete idiot because I just lost it. Even the band that I was close to before never did anything like that. Total and utter surprise, considering I just accepted (not requested!) that it wasn't going to make an appearance in the near future. Get this... I cried. Yes, I cried! I was so touched that even as I type this I'm welling up. God I suck! I think everything just hit me at once... at least they were happy tears :-) If only someone could've used a camera - of all nights!!! Jeez. So that was probably the best thing about the gig - musically it was fantastic as usual, and I've decided that we (as in the band and I) must be psychic. I was going to say in the Eastwood entry that Get Set should stay first because I think it kicks butt from the start and everyone knows it, but I deleted it so as not to offend ;-). My point? Get Set kicked off the set. In fact, I have the setlist here (I had to have it, considering World's is on it):

Get Set, Forest for the Trees, Afraid to Fly, How I Got This Way, Skin, World's Away, Saffron, Helplessly Hoping, Madrigal, Can You Feel, Afterglow, Enemy, Rocketship, This Time, Stronger, Creepin' Up Slowly, Everywhere You Go, Nevermind, Wait.


# I think I've covered that one pretty well! I hated Jase even more after that ;-P
# Afterwards, a couple of crew members and I were stuffed so we were waiting for this cart thing to take us to the car and we saw the fellas walking by. I was cajoled into going up and saying thanks but I couldn't move. For once, I was too shy!

Rating: How 'bout * * * * * * ? One little lady here was very happy (despite feeling dicky for blubbing infront of them... oh the shame of it all!).




How cool was this gig? Very. Why did I bother travelling when the best was in my hometown? I have no rational explanation! I'll start with some scene-setting.... A few days before the Penrith gig in Dec 02, I was looking at the Sanity website and came across an Ozzy Osbourne bobblehead talking doll. I showed Ed the link and we knew instantly that the guys would get a kick out of it. We looked everywhere for it so we could give it to them at Penrith but had no such luck finding him. A few days later, Ed located one in Wollongong - shock horror - but then things happened, and Taxiride almost didn't get their Ozzy. More things happened and the Shellharbour gig was to be 'the one', especially after the World's Away fiasco of the previous night. We had a really cool card that went along with Ozzy, but I don't think it got a second thought once Jase ripped open the pressie! We wanted to give them Ozzy ourselves, but we didn't get to see the guys before going on stage. Instead, we asked the brazen 'Ellis, the would-be roadie' (top left) to venture backstage and give it to them. Sure enough he succeeded... in fact 'Ellis' went back about half a dozen times and did nothing much in particular! Oh to be male! ;-) Anyway, a few minutes later, one of the real roadies put Ozzy on the amp. As soon as the guys came on stage, we got plenty of smiles etc, but Ed and I were cringing more about the card than about Ozzy. My song had moved up to second after Get Set which was very cool indeed (I've already said to Tim there's no need to play it unless they're in NSW). There's a tribute to World's Away on the 03 photos page, as they added nice globe images... most chuffed! Jase grabbed Ozzy a couple of times and played him to the audience - I think he really likes his new toy... shame it wasn't bought for him, huh?! As the purchasers of Ozzy, Ed and I would prefer that Sean be Ozzy's guardian, as he was bought for TAXIRIDE as a tour mascot. So here's where we ask for your help - if you spot Ozzy on stage, please email either Ed or I to let us know he's not been forgotten or kidnapped by that naughty Jase - otherwise Miss Kate will confiscate it until young Jason can learn to play fairly! Okay, back to the gig. The crowd was absolutely loving it, and Tim was even up on the boxes during Wait! I have to say that after the gig was the best part. Watto grabbed Caz's camera and ran around taking paparazzi shots of the others including Caz and I, which he laboured over so carefully! After most people had left and the guys were heading backstage, we heard the drums being played. I looked over and it was Jase! We were all laughing hysterically, including Sean, who didn't appear at all concerned about his job ;-) Watto walked over to the stage as if compelled to play, and he played (and sang) Karen Carpenter's Close to You. By this stage, we were all on the floor until a staff member told Jase off, saying that they'd never play at Shellies again if they didn't leave. Jase gave him what for, and blamed the crew for not packing up the kit sooner. Watto and Jase gave up and headed off backstage, but then I heard more drumming. I looked over and there was Tim behind the tubs!! I had no idea he could play drums like that! Certainly gave Sean a run for his money! First prize goes to Watto though for his brilliant singing and playing skills ;-)


# We'll go for World's Away again!
# Watching how easy it was for 'Ellis' to go backstage without a problem several times... No fair!
# Ozzy! Remember to keep us informed of his whereabouts!!!
# Watching Watto chase the other guys around with the camera.
# Witnessing the drumming talents of Jase (well he tries ;-)), Watto and Tim.

Rating: Ed tells me to give it a 20 out of 10.... who am I to argue with that?




The last time my gig buddy Karly and I caught the 'Ride guys was at ‘RUMBA!’ Brisbane in December. So this being my first "full Taxiride gig", I can't say I was disappointed! And I know Karly had a blast as well. Which was fortunate considering we came through rain and floods to get there! We arrived at the Brolga Theatre about an hour early (7pm) figuring that we may as well snoop look around the venue, since her and I are total foreigners to the Maryborough area- haling from Brisbane and Noosa respectively. We passed the time by sitting outside for a bit, trying to see if someone interesting came out from backstage (with no luck) and going up to Dan the "merch man" as much as possible (such a cutie!). When the doors finally opened we hauled arse up to door 1, but then there was this huge drama because we had cameras, so we had to run alllll the way to the ticket office and leave them there (not happy Jan!). Eventually we settled into our seats, and soon after Irwin Thomas hit the stage. They were pretty awesome. They didn't have much to say, but their music made up for lack of conversation. The tunes were edgy and powerful with complimentary lyrics and killer vocals- I know they gained a bit of a following that evening- and good on 'em I say! After 40 minutes on stage, they finished up and there was a bit of an intermission before Taxiride came on. So I went and bought a shirt, and got back to my seat.

Karly and I chatted for a while then... I saw the GREEN GUITAR (The most attractive musical instrument I've EVER seen) and I think I could smell incense- either that or someone packed on a helluva lot of tacky perfume! I was pretty scared (in a good way), I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect and when they came on stage I jumped in my seat (So embarrassing...). They were really great, I was totally into it but I was rather disappointed by the crowd- they were just sitting there like idiots- and I wanted to get up and dance (I have trouble staying still), but I would have been a loner. Eventually, Jase told the crowd they could come up to the very front, so I went and joined the surprisingly small group of 13-16 year olds. And talk about feisty teens!! I was pushed, shoved and practically crushed...*ow*. But It was so very worth it, not just for the good view, but the music was extra loud and I could actually dance. Karly was back at our seats (row D) because she could see better. So I just rocked it out alone, basically. The set was unreal, I couldn't get my hands on it :-( But it did include World's Away ;-) (Glad to hear it! - K8.), also Saffron, This Time, Afterglow, How I Got This Way, Helplessly Hoping, and a bunch of others.

They did actually come out afterwards- eventually- to sign stuff (Andy didn't stay very long... and I missed him) so I got a few photos and signatures etc. (Including Dans- yay!) I don't know what to say, they're all really nice, down to earth and all the rest of it, much like most guys I know- except they're famous. I'd like to thank them for a fantazmik night of quality live music and for taking the time to meet more of their fans.




Good question! Where is Ozzy? Read on to find out...

Got to the gig fairly late with the intention of watching it from the back so I could actually experience it as a 'show' for once, but like a magnet I ended up back down the front! Ah well. I have no doubt that there will be another opportunity in the near future.... After the gig I had a little discussion with Jase and found out that Ozzy is indeed in his custody. I also discovered that Ozzy's head has bobbled right off his body and has been slobbered on by his doggy, who is apparently the real 'boss of the band'. Were we pleased to hear that? No!


# Not that I really consider it a 'highlight' as such coz I've never been a big fan of it... Jase played the matchmaker on Valentine's Day and had a game of 'kiss chicken' during Creepin'. It involves a guy (who happened to be from The Tommy Flowers) and a girl getting up on stage and puckering up - a stage version of the Pash 'n' Dash, if you will.
# The band huddle just before Saffron. The setlist was projected onto the screen (which spoiled the World's Away surprise ;-))
# Jase's breakdance during the Stronger intro [centre]. He wasn't too bad at it actually!
# Another argument between Jase and I has been initiated - Boxers (as in the canine kind) versus Staffies. Perhaps I should remind him which breed of dog is on that shirt he wore at Penrith? GO STAFFIES!

Rating: * * * *. I have a short attention span (read, Kiss Chicken is borrrrrrring!)




Okay, what to say here....

I counted up that the Metro gig would be my 25th... yes, 25th! My silver anniversary had arrived so expectations were running high. Had quite a bit of trouble actually getting into the gig but thankfully it was all sorted out in the nick of time. The production and lighting were fantastic - probably the best I've seen so far - yet it was noticeable that the band seemed really exhausted after such a full-on tour. The photo of Jase's guitar, which was thrown on the ground in a totally cool way before he left the stage, summed up this gig perfectly for both the band and some fans who went home feeling a little bewildered (even the elephant incense holder bit the dust).


# Not Taxiride-related, but poor Charlton stacked it off the stage right infront of us! He saved face quite well by pretending to jump off the stage, then sat down on the edge for a second as he played his guitar.
# World's Away. I'm so predictable! Seriously though, when I hear this song live now I think about what I've gone through recently and how much energy I put into making this site -- it makes it all worthwhile. It's a very meaningful song for me. I know there are people out there who are thinking "shite, she's truly lost it now", but those of you who know me (including Jase, Tim x 2, Andy and Sean) will understand what I mean... I hope ;-)
# Lighting - go Cam!

Rating: * * * * .5