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Name Tim Harcourt Watson
Nickname Watto
Birthday June 3 1971
Star Sign Gemini
Hometown Melbourne, Australia
Previous Band Kingpin
Influences Beatles, Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Devo, Stone Temple Pilots
Hobbies Digital photography, swearing in foreign languages, Playstation 2, reading
Touring Likes Playing live to fans, meeting new people
Touring Dislikes Going mad, getting sane, going mad again
Food Likes Japanese, Indian…anything good
Food Dislikes Anything that has a hair in it
Do I Cook Yes
Coolest Place Paris, London, Tokyo, My bed
Fave TV The Panel, Southpark, Buffy? (any other high brow stuff). Oops, I nearly forgot Monkey!
Fave Footy Team Essendon Bombers
Fave Gig Wembley Stadium, Tokyo Club Quattro
Fave Albums
FILTER - Title of Album, JEFF BUCKLEY - Grace, DEVO - Freedom of Choice, DEPECHE MODE - Violator, 10CC - Deceptive Bends, RADIOHEAD - OK Computer
Fave Songs RADIOHEAD - Subterranean Homesick Alien, GODEIGO - Monkey Magic
Fave Books Sci-fi, bio’s, some new age stuff
Fave Movies Alien series, Matrix, and about 500,000 others!
Fave Actor Sean Connery
Fave Music Style All over the place-anything good

Fave Animal Cat
Describe Yourself In 3 Words Humorous, Talkative & Irritable
Best Feature Quick mind
Worst Feature Slow mind
Person You Would Most Like To Meet Nostradamus
First Job Delivering prescription drugs by bike
A Talent You Wish You Had Teleportation
I Can Never Leave Home Without My keys
Which Cartoon Character Would You Be? Ren
One Minute to Live... What Would You Do? Try and have sex with someone
First Thing You Think of When You Wake Up in the Morning? Going back to sleep

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