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Name Jason Mahendra Singh
Nickname Jase, J
Birthday March 12 1974
Star Sign Pisces
Hometown Melbourne, Australia
Previous Band Vasoline
Influences Jeff Buckley, Tool, Prince
Hobbies Watching football & videos (in surround sound), music and exercising
Touring Likes Rockin’ out live
Touring Dislikes Tour buses and hotel shower curtains
Food Likes Vegetarian,Thai
Food Dislikes Uh….meat?
Do I Cook Yes
Coolest Place Christiana, Denmark
Fave TV The Simpsons
Fave Footy Team Carlton Blues
Fave Gig Wembley Stadium
Fave Albums AC/DC - Back in Black, THE DOORS - L.A. Woman, TOOL - Aenema, PRINCE - Sign ‘o’ the Times, JEFF BUCKLEY - Grace, RADIOHEAD - OK Computer
Fave Songs RADIOHEAD - Paranoid Android, TOOL - 46/2
Fave Books Music / Biographies
Fave Movies 2 many 2 list! Ferris Beuller's Day Off
Fave Actor Edward Norton
Fave Music Style
All cool stuff!

Fave Animal
Describe Yourself In 3 Words
Loving, Trippy & Indecisive
Best Feature
My Loyalty
Worst Feature
I'm Impatient
Person You Would Most Like To Meet
First Job
In a Video Store
A Talent You Wish You Had
I wish I could play the drums
What Can You Never Leave Home Without
My Toothbrush
Which cartoon character would you be?
Woody Woodpecker
One minute to live... What would you do?
I'd kiss Tim Wild!
First thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
The Toilet

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